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Looking through the eyes of your customer

We are here to help you create memorable experiences

Whether you would like to design or improve the experience of your customers, your candidates, your patients, your employees, your suppliers or every other human being, we are ready for the challenge!


We bring you the “outside-in” perspective by looking through the eyes of your customers (or every other stakeholder you are interested in). By listening carefully to them, we identify their needs, motives and experiences. 

Based on these insights we craft a memorable journey, innovation or insights driven strategy. Taking your organization by the hand to make sure a new way of acting is embedded.

Listening to your customers


We work in close contact with client teams and use workshop formats to drive engagement and ensure project follow-through and execution.

We promise you no fluffy, or overly intellectual reports, but clear, actionable and real insights that will help you both on the short and the long term. 




We help you map out and optimize the moments your customers* engage with your brand. Through in-dept interviews we identify how your customers experience every step in their journey.


Their end-to-end journey is not limited to your current touchpoints and is often most interesting on those moments where you are currently not in touch, but can make a difference for your customers.


Together with your team we develop new strategies to create a memorable experience for your customers.

*Or employees, candidates, patients, suppliers,...



We support your product development from scratch where co-creation with the customer is our main design principle.

By analyzing customer data and performing qualitative interviews we form a first view of what an innovation for your business could look like.


Together with your (tech) team we build a prototype to test with your customers. In the user test we collect feedback both on functionality as well as from a needs and experience point of view. Repeating this throughout the development process results in an innovation that customers love.



From our experience in both strategy consulting and customer insights, we facilitate strategy development projects and workshops. 

We support you to develop customer insights based strategies, embrace customer-first decision making, prioritize strategic iniatives and enable focused execution.



Optimizing both the customer and employee experience at the Netherlands' most cherished theme park

“Through the interviews we got a deep understanding of how our customers experience us and what their needs are. During the sessions Anouk did a great job engaging employees from all levels in the organization.”

Sander Gielen, Director Madurodam

Madurodam Customer Experience
Timing Candidate Journey


Shifting the mindset throughout the organization of an employment agency by integrating the candidate, client and employee experience

“Anouk and Joep did a great job helping us map out, improve and integrate the candidate, client and employee journey. We were impressed by their structured approach, ‘can do’ mentality and compelling way of presenting the insights. Always aiming for the highest achievable. We were able to implement concrete actions very quickly.”

Janet Remmerswaal, Manager Innovation & Technology Timing

ADG dienstengroep

Enabling a strategic holding company to unify and optimize the employee experience throughout the portfolio of 8 companies

“Anouk and Elin from Studio CIX manage their own customer experience extremely well. They prepare every meeting in great detail and keep the overview of actions and insights for all our companies. We could fully rely on them making this a success for us!”

Ron Steenkuijl, Director Corporate Affairs ADG dienstengroep

ADG Dienstengroep employee journey


Optimizing candidate and client experience for several employment agency labels

“The insights that Studio CIX brings are strongly substantiated by the quotes from the interviews. This really brings it to life and motivates the people that have to change their day-to-day behaviour to create better experiences"

Jeroen Selten, Director Digital & Customer Experience RGF Staffing


Delivering actionable improvement ideas based on consumer understanding

"I contacted Elin as we wanted to gain better understanding of the reasons why one of the companies in our portfolio, an indoor theme park, experienced a decline in visitors. She approached the project in a very pragmatic way to enable quick results. Elin and her team delivered us concrete insights and action steps for both short and long term improvements, based on true consumer insights. Communication was easy and clear troughout the project. I would be happy to work together again!"

Isabelle Tennstedt, Partner at Seeder Fund

Consumer insights
Strategy workshop



“We consulted Elin for help in facilitating our strategy development session. She quickly understood what we were looking for and helped us prepare the session in detail. Elin suggested easy to use frameworks and made sure the set up and structure of the workshop would bring out the best results, starting from the big picture and ending with clear action steps and timelines. Elin facilitated our team awayday in an excellent manner. She managed to give us plenty of room to brainstorm while keeping discussions on time and goal-oriented. Elin also did a great job involving every team member, and afterwards summarizing the main outcomes."

Tatiana Panteli, Head of Brussels Office


Co-creation of a platform based on teachers’ needs and their continuous feedback during the development process

“By starting with identifying the needs of our users, mainly teachers, Anouk helped us craft our future platform. During the development process, she was key in facilitating frequent user tests to make sure we were still on the right track, but also helped prioritize our backlog and tested the platform herself. She is both a strategic thinker (e.g. when presenting to the board) and very hands-on in the execution, connecting with the tech team.”

Albert Jagt, Manager Operations & IT Heutink

Heutink Spot_edited.jpg
Team anker


We have gathered a team of knowledgeable freelancers across the Netherlands and Belgium to bring Customer Insights and Experience to the next level.

Anouk Piening

Anouk Piening

Experience Lead

Facilitator workshops


Ex Bain & Company, The Learning Network, Wehkamp

Elin de Boel

Elin De Boel

Insights Expert

Facilitator workshops


Ex Bain& Company, Danone, Procter & Gamble, Novartis

Henriëtte Banga

Henriëtte Banga

Experience VA

Interview coordination

Ex Ernst & Young

Joep van Rensch

Joep van Rensch

Experience Interviewer

Dutch & English

Ex Altuïtion

Claire Vanneste

Claire Vanneste

Experience Interviewer

Dutch, English & French

Ex Deloitte


Call us or send us a message to discuss how we can help you.

We are a virtual team working from the Netherlands and Belgium for clients throughout Europe.

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